Thursday, October 16, 2014

What are the computer hardware business trends in India

If you think of starting a computer hardware company in India, it is a good time to do so. Computers and other hardware components have common elements in homes, offices, and places to be. The computer hardware manufacturers enjoy success in all areas of the industry.

In addition to the computer manufacture and sale of computer hardware company, is a third type of computer-related topics. Of computer repair services Many users in the country who are fairly new to the use of computer hardware, end up abusing various hardware components. So, experienced professionals hardware required in many cities in all hardware repair services.

The first requirement is to start a computer hardware company in India, Computers are trained. You must be familiar with different hardware components, so you can quality parts for your customers to buy and hardware repair and replacement services when needed. Moreover, it is important to learn about the further development of the hardware industry in the country.

According to the reports, the total sales of PCs by 42 percent from October to December 2009 increased compared to the same period last year. Sold in relation to the actual sales, more than 2 million units of PCs across the country. This number and the corresponding increase in the percentage of growth that the computer hardware industry in the country came out of the depression period in a praiseworthy manner.

Talking about the portable computer, the popular netbook brands were able to record a growth of 27 percent over the same period. However, the notebook went ahead by recording the growth rate of 90 percent in the same period of time. A total of nearly 0.66 million units of netbooks and notebooks were sold in computer stores in the country.

The brands desktop units sold in this quarter of 2009 accounted for 65 percent of the total shares. Of these, 52 per cent of the marks desktops are produced by the multinational brands and only 13 per cent owned by Indian manufacturers. The remaining 35 percent of the shares were dominated by the assembled desktops. Growth is no different than the other segments of the computer hardware industry, such as printers and storage hardware also enjoyed an increase in its turnover. Laser printer a growth of 70 percent, while the remaining 30 percent was shared by the inkjet printers and dot matrix printers.

As for the current year, the expectations of the owner of the computer hardware business are quite high. It is expected that the annual growth of around 7 percent should be received by the total sales of PCs in the current fiscal year. In terms of actual sales, sold the figure for the total number of personal computers to stab the mark of seven million expected.

So, you should have a good opportunity to have a computer hardware company in one of the cities of India have taken into account. However, make sure that the level of competition, the existing analysis in the area of the market.


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