Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Computer Hardware Guide

Is the technical name of the various components of a computer, such as RAM, processor, scares you?

In this article, we will cover the major part of the hardware, regardless of the shape size (physical size of the housing of the computer)

Vital Computer Hardware consists of




Hard Disk Drive

graphics Card

Power / housing

Keyboard / mouse


DVD Burner

Main Board (Motherboard)

This is the main part of the hardware in the system. This is where various other essential elements to connect, such as CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc., too. Modern mid-range mainboard usually comes with an additional component such as a LAN port, sound card and graphics card.

As other hardware connection to the motherboard, it is important that the motherboard purchased separately from the high-quality, and at least an additional component, as shown in the section.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This is one of the hardware which determines the speed of the entire system. The other determining hardware are the RAM and the hard drive. Single-core CPUs are almost obsolete and are much slower compared to their Dual Core / Quad-core counterparts.

Typically, a numerical value specified, and that the clock frequency, commonly known as the speed of the CPU. Usually, the higher the clock rate, the faster processes the data.


Known as random access memory, memory chips, used to store data temporarily. By storing the data in the RAM, the CPU in the data state in a shorter time, providing a faster implementation of the computer assigned to instructions and tasks leads to process.

Usually, a numerical value (Gb) is made and that can store the physical size of the data on the RAM.

Hard Disk Drive

This computer hardware keeps all data permanently, unlike the RAM, the data will be deleted when the computer shuts down. Comes in sizes of 2.5 "(laptop) and 3.5" (desktop)

Normally, a number of (in GB), is found and comes in a variety of capacities.

A rough calculation

Stored under the assumption of a 4 minute long music song in MP3 format and takes 4MB value of hard disk space. 160gb able to store approximately 40,000 songs!

graphics Card

As stated, this card is initially responsible on the screen to display images. Produces However, due to the high rendering first-person shooter games, players will have their graphics card to demand better than the CPU. This is due to the fact that the graphics card any tax Game untreated pictures not let the CPU process. To also meet the requirements are going dual core graphics cards!

Power Supply (PSU)

The life of the computer! The computer hardware sends power to various devices, such as the motherboard, hard drives, etc.

This is often the most overlooked hardware and is frequently compromised due to budget constraints. But by cutting down a proper diet, risks such as electric shock occurs and undertow that could instantly destroy the mainboard and other hardware by the wrong current or voltage !!

Computer Case / Chassis

Computer case is the tough armor to protect various special computer hardware.

Housing is important to vent the air flow and prevent overheating of the main computer control hardware.

optical Drives

Commonly known as CD-ROM / DVD-ROM or DVD burner, this makes reading the various CDs / DVDs. ROM hardware can read only CD / DVD, and the DVD burner allows (copying data) disks to write.

The latest technology for Optical Drive is currently Blu-Ray ROM will allows reading of Blu-ray disc. However, not contain widespread because of the high cost of equipment.


Is a visual display unit that shows images generated by the graphics card. CRT monitors that are working today are using older technology which consumes more power. Mainstream monitor manufactured are now mostly LCD due to their compact size and cheaper production costs.

LCD screens of various sizes, with a minimum of 15 "to 70"!

Keyboard and mouse

Is the hardware to input data and commands into the computer.

I hope that the above computer guide will introduce you to a better understanding of computer hardware support.

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