Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to repair bad sectors on a laptop

Portable Hard Drives sometimes develop bad sectors that are unreadable by the operating system. Normally this is a small group of space called sector of the hard disk that does not respond to requests to read or write; as a result, causing damage to the slow response time and sometimes files.

Consequences by HDD bad sectors are really annoying, nor can it be determined whether the problem logically (not physically). By software problems / errors created especially bad sectors and can be determined by the following procedure (see below).

To check and repair bad sectors -

Windows has a built in hard drive test tool known as check disk! This tool is basically used for testing and repair bad sectors of the hard disk drive. Current researches mainly hard drive for bad sectors and corrected all errors and makes unreadable areas of the new operating system are available.

Most of the time this integrated tool works automatically when Windows problems on the hard drive detects. But this tool can be started manually at any time, if you find that your system is acting strange, which is very slow editing or creating data loss.

Note that only one reality bad sectors of hard drives! There is certainly no reason to panic if you find your laptop, a. Here is the step by step how to repair bad sectors on the laptop procedures.

To access the chkdsk tool and scan the hard disk for errors and software to avoid bad sectors, soft, just right click on the drive you on bad sectors and select Properties, and then want the section to check the "Tools", then click "Check Now" button.
This opens a dialog with two drive options open check - 1) automatically fix system error 2) Check and help recovery of bad sectors.
Select the two ways to fix file system errors and bad sectors in order to explore simultaneously and recover.
Once you're done! Restart your laptop and you're done!
To repair bad sectors on a laptop, there are some other options you of how to choose Disco view; It is another tool worth a try so that you visually analyze each sector of the hard disk to repair.

So friends, there are certain ways to repair bad sectors on a laptop. But after reading all the above steps, if you continue to have problems; it is recommended that it is best to to fix your laptop to laptop service center problems.

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