Friday, June 27, 2014

Computer as a fax machine

Did you know that the computer can be used as a fax machine. This will save you the cost, because you do not have to buy a separate fax machine. In fact, it can be more complicated than typical fax machine.


1 - Computer
2 - Telephone
3 - Modem
4 - Software

The most advanced software for use as a fax machine is Norton Winfax. Must sell through stores that software. There are also programs on the Internet free of charge, but none of the approaches Winfax view of the simplicity and sophistication.
The advantage of using Winfax

1 - You no longer have to print the document and fax it back to normal fax machine. Simply "print", select the Winfax printer, click OK. Document must be available for difax. This saves paper.

2 - You can keep all names and addresses on Winfax. They do not look at the fax number using the manual method.

3 - fax that can be sent and received are kept as a record. You can always re-read. It may also be didelete manually or automatically (eg fax received in the last 30 days will automatically be didelete), by selecting the appropriate option.

4 - Broadcast: Sending fax to multiple locations at the same time is a simple matter. For example, it can be configured to send the fax to the A, B, C and D. Winfax try to send a fax A. If A is enabled or does not answer, so sent on to B and. Then we will try to send it back to places that have not been delivered, for example A.

5 - You can specify how often to try to send to a place where the lines are not answered or obligation.

6 - You can specify how fax sent. For example, to configure so that the fax at 12 clock, etc. sent .. You do not have to stay awake at night, as long as the computer is turned on.

7 - You can automatically or manually answer the fax machine.

8 - You can configure forwarding. For example, if the computer in the office to receive a fax to clock 12.00 bis 08.00 clock can be configured to send the fax to another number, home, for example.

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