Monday, March 3, 2014

How do you run your PC faster - learn more about this

You can imagine that if you start to slow down your computer, it is probably infected with a virus. You might be wrong. Yes, it can be a factor, but there are many other reasons why your computer performance is degrading.

A computer slows down due to the following factors:

* From time to time the system software is required for some standards, which do not support sometimes a computer what to do with the significant reduction in performance.

* Low memory.

* Disk fragmentation.

* Start programs.

* Registry errors.

* Attack Malware.

Fortunately, there are many available methods you can use to solve this problem. Instead of buying a new PC, try these suggestions run faster than in the preparation of your PC.

1. Always update and use your anti-spyware software.

A viral infection can really slow down your system, so it is best to avoid those affected by your PC instantly. Always scan your system for files and malware, so they can be easily separated. Install updates for your antivirus to be able to make the most of the service. In addition, also avoid the mistakes produced from infected system files such as EXE and SYS files an updated antivirus.

2. Reduce the programs that start when a computer starts.

Can wait to get started on your PC is a waste of time. Reduction programs in start-ups to download your PC run faster. Just start Windows System Configuration Utility to help you see the programs and sort them according to the program to remove or not. Remember, though, that you should not uninstall programs you no because they have a source for another device problem know. You can use the startup programs that are sure to uninstall explore.

3. Disable unnecessary animations and visual effects.

It may be that your system has a nicer appearance, but also speeds up your system is much more important. Disable animated themes can help speed up the performance of your PC during recovery.

4. Remove the temporary files.

Since this type is generated files when running a program, some of them are automatically deleted when you turn off the computer. If a system failure occurs, however, these files remain on your hard drive that can slow down your PC.

To delete these files, just follow these steps:

* Go to My Computer and click on the local disk C

* Find the Windows folder and open it. Looking for a Temp folder and the name and open it, too.

* Right click the folder and choose Display.

* Under this option, click Details. You get a list of files that are saved in the folder displayed. Select the files that are older than the current date, and then press Delete.

* Once done, return to your Windows desktop and click the Trash and to empty its contents.

5. Restart your computer regularly.

When you turn on your PC for a long time, it is the tendency for programs that build up storage space on the hard drive of your computer speed. Turning off now and then allows you to update and somehow remove unnecessary data show that the clogging of the system memory.

6. Run a disk defragmentation.

This may seem daunting, but it actually optimizes your hard drive to make your PC run much faster functions.

To defragment the hard disk, follow these steps:

* Go to My Computer and right click on the drive you want to defragment. The C drive is usually

* Select Properties. Here you will find the tools options. Among these, you will need to find an option under "Defragment Now." Click to go to.

7. Clean your computer.

When you try to see the inside of the device, you find that there are a lot of dust that has accumulated in your cooling fan. Dust, the air flow is low while maintaining the temperature of the unit is very important to clog. If not cleaned, this can lead to overheating, which can slow down your PC. The device can be maintained by regular dusting.

8. Insert the new RAM.

If your RAM is loaded with many programs and applications, your system will start to perform their duties at a slower pace. You can use your computer memory by installing a new upgrade RAM. It's cheap and you can easily install yourself.

Speed up your PC performance is one way to get the most out of your device.

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