Friday, February 21, 2014

Tips on how to increase your start system

You can get frustrated when it seems to take forever for your computer to be turned on. Even after deleting all viruses and unnecessary files from your system your PC's performance may be slower than expected. Startup slow system usually caused by low memory errors in the registry errors, and if there are programs and applications that will be started automatically installed when the computer starts.

There are several methods that should be done to improve the system's launch. However, suitable precautions when carrying out these procedures should be followed to avoid further problems. Here are some tips on how to boost your system startup.

1. Change your Windows settings.

Slow start-ups can also be attributed to changes in the parameters of the system. Windows has the System Configuration utility called that can be used to make the necessary changes.

* On the desktop, click the Start button and then click Run.

* A dialog box appears. Type "msconfig" in the model and press box.

* In the System Configuration Utility, click the Startup tab for you to see the programs that usually begin during commissioning.

You will see that there are many programs in the list. To remove unnecessary programs or applications, simply deselect the selected program.

* When you are finished making changes, click OK and restart the system.

You can also change the settings of Windows services. Here are the steps to follow.

* After the reboot, open the System Configuration Utility.

* On the Services tab, click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services option, you can display unwanted programs that can be removed.

* Click OK when finished.

Remember to remove the programs that are completely useless, since the deletion of important programs lead to more serious problems start.

2. Make changes to your system "BIOS".

One way to speed up the boot time of your system to make some changes in your BIOS Basic Input / Output System, or. Note that careful with your BIOS to avoid when changing some settings other errors.

* Turn on your computer. Be sure to start completely from your device.

* Run the System BIOS screen based on the fact that tells the computer manufacturer's guide.

* Once you are in the BIOS setup, see the Start menu.

* For modern versions you'll find the Quick Start option. Enable this option to skip other memory tests.

* On the Start menu, find the Boot Device Priority option. Select the first option, which is the hard disk, press the Enter key to complete the changes.

* Select the hard disk speeds up the boot time, but it will also allow you to start the computer from a "CD-ROM". If you do not want, you can always disable the option by again the BIOS setup.

3. Turn on the equipment that is no longer used.

PC many drivers during the boot process. Disabling unused drivers can reduce the startup time of the system.

* From your Windows desktop, click the Start button.

* In the search bar Device Manager, tap.

* Locate the driver that you do not use. Some of the most common options are Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi e-cards and modems.

* Right-click the device you want to delete and select Disable.

Please note that you uninstall the drivers that you are not busy.

4. Uninstall unnecessary fonts.

When starting the system, a Windows computer loads many writings, leading to a slow start. However, you can delete fonts that you use. Here is how to uninstall them.

For Windows XP

* Open My Computer and open the "C drive".

* Create a new folder called Fonts Backup.

* Back to the local C drive and open the Windows folder.

* Browse the Fonts folder. Once opened, select the fonts you want to delete. The highlight and click on Edit and select Copy.

* Go to the folder you just paste the copied ten books.

* Back into the Fonts folder, and delete the highlighted writings.

For Windows 7

* From your Windows desktop, click the Start menu.

* In the search bar, type the Fonts folder.

* Once loaded, it will show all the fonts installed on your computer. Select the fonts you want to delete.

* When you are finished, click the Hide button. In this wayScience items that you do not completely rather invite remove fonts prevented when the system boots.

5. Improve your memory of the computer.

This must be your startup the traditional method in increasing. They are cheap and easy to install.

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