Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6 Quick Tips for a better start menu

The Start menu is the most accessible in the Windows environment tool. It houses all programs and files on your computer, making it to access a simple way all the data. But what you do not know is that there are some tips you this tool to apply a more productive workspace. Below are some of these tips.

1. Add the Run command permanently.

The Run command is an excellent tool for access to open spaces and programs. However, the menu does not permanently pinned command in his section, unlike the Panel and Control Devices and Printers.

To do this, right-click on the Start button and select Properties. This will open the Start menu of functions and features. Open the Configure button. In the list of items, please check the Run command. When finished, click OK.

2. easily see the contents of the articles.

Not counterproductive, if you still find yourself starting to open each menu item, only to see its contents? Fortunately, the computer has an option where it automatically expands each of these elements, so that you can see all the files and folders in it.

For example, if you expand the documents, just want to go to the properties of the Start button, then select Customize. In the column documents, select Display as a menu, and then click OK. You will find that the article document has an arrow, you can go to and see view its contents.

3. Insert video as one element.

If you press the start button, you will see the documents, photos and music on the right. However, since viewers could think out why the element of the video is not sticky. You can easily do that with these measures.

As mentioned in previous articles, open the Customize Start Menu bar functions and properties. Here you will find the videos section and select Display as a link. When finished, click OK.

4. Let the trash in the menu.

Trash is located room usually in your office. However, if you want to enjoy your wallpaper in all its glory, you do not want the icons on the desktop. However, if you right-click the application which you can not see a Delete button. What can you do now?

It is an effective remedy for this situation. First open, right click on your desktop customization. In the Change desktop icons, just uncheck in the trash, so it disappear on the desktop.

Next, open My Computer, and then paste the code into the address bar:

"C: UsersXAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu"

Replace X with the user name of the user account on the computer. Right click on an empty space in the folder and select a shortcut. For the location, enter the code below.

"Explorer.exe shell: RecycleBinFolder"

Click Next. Then enter the name of the Recycle Bin shortcut. Finally, press Finish.

To change the icon of a folder to the Recycle Bin icon, simply right-click the link to view the properties. Then you go to icon on the Shortcut tab change. In the search for icons in this file field, paste the code below.

"% SystemRoot% system32imageres.dll"

To fill a gallery of icons. Select the default tray icon and click OK. Your link will appear as applications, be shortcut arrow without trash.

If you use the search function, you can now see the trash in the list of programs.

5. Increase the speed of the search tool.

The search tool uses a database with the name of the index to find all the items on your computer. So if you want to increase the speed of the search tool, you should minimize the elements listed in the index.

To do this, go to the Control Panel. Indexing Options Choose between inputs. There are all of the items that the indexing service has to list in its database. Select Edit and uncheck items to remove some of the sites. Do not forget to click OK.

6. Cut the bottom of the Search programs only.

Each time you do a search, it seems to all your documents, files and standard programs. For this reason, the search bar is taking too long to fill your necessary items.

Therefore, it would be useful if the search field applies only to applications. It promotes research is accelerating to find in terms of the programs, compared to the default value.

To do this, go to Customize. Here you will find the search for other files and libraries in the list, then select Do not search. Finally press OK.

With these tips and tricks foolproof article template, you can now enjoy the new look and features of your Start menu.

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