Thursday, November 27, 2014

Computer hardware diagnostic tool is used worldwide

We are a global leader in the development of state-of-the-art computer hardware diagnostic tool. Test Tools to reduce the costs associated with the repair and construction of computers, thereby reducing downtime and unnecessary repairs, unwarranted technical support, warranty claims excessive and costly RMA returns.

Detailed computer hardware diagnostic tool of our company specifically to the four key stages of the life cycle of a PC: hardware development, production informatics, computer maintenance and customer service. Crowned computer hardware diagnostic tool that can be used to diagnose problems on a PC with Windows or DOS environment.

Our professional PC hardware diagnostic tool enables the user to have to get quality service and support throughout the four phases of the life cycle of a PC. The professional version of our computer hardware diagnostic tool is the additional possibility Hundreds of extensive test routines that can help better in detecting problematic PC hardware failures to perform.

The inclusion of our computer hardware diagnostic tool in your toolbox professional technician can be sure that both valuable time and money can be saved. The features of the professional version includes a comprehensive coverage of the components of the computer and operating system.

Further detailed information on the computer processor, memory, hard drives, CD / DVD drives, floppy drives, monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound card, keyboard, mouse, serial ports, USB, PCI, motherboard devices and more.5ae95dfb53b7130fdb89b3d625c8f329 . image.3 [imonomy -. free enrichment tools for your website]

Additional features for our computer hardware diagnostic tools include the ability to select and carry out extensive tests for your processor, memory, hard drives, CD / DVD drives, floppy drive, monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound card, keyboard, mouse serial port and USB. Our computer hardware diagnostic tool has the additional ability individually, a series of tests or all at once run a report from the results.DSO3064 KITV, automotive diagnostic and create Oscil

This report can be saved for later use, or print to a help desk operation or other technicians for further analysis by email. It does not matter what operating system is installed on your PC (Windows, Linux, DOS), just boot from our specially trained floppy drive, CD-ROM or USB flash drives, and perform complex testing your hardware.

Computer hardware diagnostic tool for (PC support technician, computer maintenance, computer hardware thought troubleshooting. This version is compatible with the following operating systems Windows 2000, 2000 Pro, XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is recommended that the at least 20 MB of free space on your hard drive and 64 MB of memory.


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