Friday, September 12, 2014

All About various computer hardware components

A computer is now in all facets of daily life of the economy, personal communication. Although the computer is a complex system by connecting several components, some knowledge about these items can help within built updating. Each component has a role in a PC can be connected directly to your computer or internal peripherals.

Basically hardware components are devices for a specific purpose, such as the interpretation of the input data and output data. Computer hardware components include monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, speakers, memory modules, and external storage devices.


The monitor of the computer, as all the photos and videos are there to see. Earlier computer screens were used as a glass tube called CRT but new models are equipped with flat screen or LCD screen to protect your eyes from harmful radiation and gives a sharper image.


The keyboard is to send an input device for inputting data to the computer. It can connect to serial or later USB port can be connected to a computer in the old style. Keyboard is more than just a way to enter data, such as audio and video as well as DVD players can operate.


The mouse is a standard component used mainly in a computer. A mouse is connected to the line in the USB port of a computer to work comfortably. A mouse for easy navigation on the screen to the left, right and center wheel. The wheel center ascetic used to scroll pages, which are documents or web pages.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The central processing unit is a brain of a computer. Computer hardware component performs all calculations and operations. It is reliable to the frequency of the CPU so high and mighty it will work. A powerful CPU can perform many tasks at once and quick process.


Memory is an internal component that connects to the motherboard slots. It comes in different sizes, ranging in supercomputers from 512MB to 16GB and more ago. There are usually two slots to insert in the computer motherboard or to update the memory of a computer. There are a great influence on the performance as smoothly and quickly applications, each computer to be upgraded after a certain period of time.

Hard Disk Drive

The hard drive is a storage component of a computer. It can convert all data including files, documents, movies, games, photos and save more. These wheels are available in various storage areas and where a number of hard disks can be used if necessary.

graphics Card

The graphics card is also known as a graphics card for images, videos, games and much more that appear on the screen process. Graphics cards are essential components for a computer, the graphics performance requirements such as games or video editing.

Sound Card

A sound card is required if the need for the sound of the computer. It can either be separate components or can be integrated directly onto the motherboard.

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