Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Radiation Laptop: The threat cannot be see

Today, most of you are not doing nothing - your laptop! Have you aware of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation of laptops, and this radiation could do to listen to your body? The fact is that many devices emit some radiation which includes not only the laptop but computers, televisions, DVD players, microwave, and mobile phones courses. All these are now an integral part of your day to day life, it is almost impossible to imagine life without them!

Laptops emit extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation to do with the electrical substations, power lines, televisions and other electrical and electronic equipment. In addition ELF radiation, laptops emit dangerous types of electromagnetic microwave radiation. Routers, modems, wireless, printers and laptops use this microwave radio communication between computers on wireless network. Laptop Radiation is known to cause damage to your health. How damage caused depending on the size of the radiation and the frequency of exposure to radiation portable.

The risk of developing health problems due to exposure to radiation escalate dramatically if. A lot of time to spend this radiation around This is especially true if you are connecting wireless devices that many of you when you use your laptop. The main concern comes when we put the laptop on your lap, which just happens to be incredibly close to the genital area. A distance that can potentially lead to infertility in men and women. Sounds pretty petrified, right?

Laptops are great! And despite all the risks of advertising and negative health, still can. They are known for their comfort, mobility and the fact that it can be, and often take it with you wherever you go, whether assessed on holiday or for work go! So what exactly is the problem in terms of portable radiation and should be worried?

Place laptop on your lap for long periods of time provides two problems: heat and electromagnetic radiation. The heat can damage the skin, especially when direct contact! The bottom of the laptop is hot enough to cause rashes bare skin. Prolonged exposure to the heat source may lead to a soft red rash. In some cases, patients may develop lesions and may itching and burning sensation experience through portable radiation.

The laptops also emit electromagnetic radiation. The heat is sufficient to damage the human reproductive system; when the temperature inside rises testicles even one degree above normal for a few minutes-sperm can cause decreased activity significantly! However, the electromagnetic radiation portable sperm DNA fragmentation can be. Portable ELF and microwave radiation is harmful not only for humans but also for pregnant women. Pregnant women should take special care not to expose the fetus to electromagnetic waves. These harmful fields have also linked to the agitation of the skin.

You can still enjoy the convenience of laptops! By introducing some simple precautions in your daily routine, you can reduce the risks of portable radiation. Avoid laptops on your lap or on a. Directly in your body each radiation field weakens with distance from the source. Even better, you can use portable radiation shield pads. These pads are made of a special material produced as EMF and the heat shield and are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use! The point is that the dangers are easily avoided by the portable radiation by simply changing or adjusting their daily habits!

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