Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Liquid cooling solutions for data center servers

The cooling is the largest exhaust energy in server rooms. One of the newest approaches to reduce energy waste is used a liquid cooling. This also leads to devices to reduce failure rates because there are no fans that can break. This has made a big coolant topic among data center managers these days. In this method, the server cooling liquid is used to remove heat from the servers.

Every beginner on the liquid cooling server problem would ask about such things, how and where the liquid is used to keep the server cool or what form it is really needed? For example, as the chilled water, coolant, or both? There are many other issues that arise even in the spirit of the experts, as the liquid is just like the chip or the rack, or air conditioning. Or is there from the capacity requirements, maintenance in these cooling systems must be considered.

However, in short, this data center products are recognized as liquid cooling system or coolant, as they bring cooling closer to the heat source for effective and efficient cooling. This systemsare in a row of server racks Embedded, usually on the ceiling or on a grid over near the server rack, they are supposed to be cooled closed placed. The term "liquid cooling" is widely used, but for most products, there really is no liquid entering the server rack. Everything conditioning, heat exchangers and liquid cooling components are already installed in a separate housing next.

Row Liquid Cooling

In-row cooling fluid units in rows of data center cabinets. This ensures the air distribution and local administration. Based on preferences and data centers manufacturer rooms, cold water or coolant manage larger or below the bottom of the liquid cooling servers.

In-rack cooling liquid

Liquid cooling rack-in is similar to in-row cooling fluid adjustment; However, instead of releasing the air in the room, racks contain two lanes of warm and cold air. The trapped air in the server rack creates a micro-climate, compared to the rest of the room is thermally neutral. Similar to row cooling liquid in cooling rack includes the delivery of ice water and return lines.

Overhead Liquid Cooling

This cooling systeÁme suspended roof to facilitate hot aisle and the arrangement of the cold aisle. Hot air rises, where it is detected by hot aisle conditioned and come into the cold aisle with the aid of the intercooler pump station. This head assembly requires the supply and return refrigerant lines.

Coolant back door

Blade chassis can Delta-T to produce up to 50 degrees. This is about the ability of an existing coil CRAC. Rear door heat exchanger captures the hot air and Conditions before returning back to the room to taste in a comfortable temperature. Unlike rack system did Coolant is installed, it does not take space.

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