Friday, January 31, 2014

What Are Various Healthcare Software solutions?

Through a variety of software from the hospital, the medical records of a patient, the patient's history and other medical reports by doctors and other health care accessible to members.

Some important health software solutions are listed below:

Blood banking software: These solutions are for the control monitor all aspects of a blood bank and audits. It is directed all the functions of a blood bank efficiently and correctly, create and manage their basic daily activities. It helps in monitoring and information management of donor recruitment to final transfusion, to all banks to meet the integration of all steps, such as the latest laboratory activities for blood.

Pathology Lab Management Software: It is easier pathology lab management software for pathology labs and diagnostic laboratories. It ensures the effective management of pathology laboratory records and best print quality pathology laboratory report.

Medical records (EMR) E: This is a complete web-enabled EMR software solution that provides extended for the needs of a physician. This software integrated with a complete system DMS, LIMS, PMS, online-pharmacy-management and many others. Key features include a dashboard of patients offered, patient search based on several parameters, it displays extensive information such as current medications, demographics, active medical problems, sending the previous medical information a click, etc.

Laboratory management information systems (LIMS): It is a robust and powerful software solution. Laboratory information management system designed specifically for laboratories to test the air, soil, water and food. This software provides more control over the operation and analysis results. LIMS is best suited when you need to process large amounts of information, while efficiency and better quality.

Date: It is very helpful in reducing the paperwork and headaches at the front desk when planning the appointment of the physician with the patient. It was developed specifically involved taking into account the different activities each day in a hospital and the clinic of a doctor. He manages the flow of check-in patients in the ordering process.

Document Management System: It is a powerful document management system designed to make a paperless hospital. The software manages all documents such as faxes and scanned nursing home or hospital on the client computer. It allows authorized users to group and classify upload documents to the server. While these documents are available and other measurements can be made on the them.

A robust hospital management system includes all of the above for better management of the hospital and smooth-called system-software solutions. It has a large number of modules / software to streamline day-to-day nursing home, hospital and medical center.

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  1. This list does cover all the important healthcare software solutions. There are some care management software solutions such as discharge planning, appeals and denial tracking, audit management and documentation processes that have garnered popularity in recent times. These too could be added to the list provided.