Sunday, December 29, 2013

Computer Parts and what they do

A team has many parts and each part has its own task. Suppose that a team is a person.

CPU: The CPU is like the brain. All thinking is done and make things work. The CPUcontrols all other parties to the computer. How your brain controls the body.

Motherboard: The motherboard is like the skin and skeleton team. Contains all the pieces together and ensures that each party can collaborate with others.

RAM: RAM is, for example, the hands of the human body. If a person has more hands, they can do more things at once and more efficient multitasking. If anyone has a job that requires two hands but only has one side, his speed is too slow. But when a job requires one hand, and the person has four hands, then it makes sense to a lot of hands. All programs on your computer takes RAM. More RAM = more programs you can run at the same time more efficiently. RAM is measured in GB, and usually is 1 GB to 8 GB.

Power Supply: The power supply is the heart. How do to pump blood through the body, the heart, the power supply must ensure that enough energy to function around all sides on the computer or it will not. The power supplies are measured in watts and are usually anywhere from 300 W to 800 W +.

Hard disk: A hard drive is like a giant backpack that is worn at all times. It's where everything is stored. Pictures, movies, documents are stored in the backpack. The bigger the bag, the more could be obtained. Sometimes the backpack is very complicated, because there are so many things in him, that he "defragment" it. What that means is that it organizes everything in the bag, so it is easier to find things later. Hard drives are measured in GB and TB. 1000 GB = 1 TB.

Graphics Card: A graphics card is like the eyes of a person with very poor eyesight. Here you can see everything that happens, but need glasses (monitor) to show you. No graphics card, you can not see what you're doing. The graphics card requires a lot of energy and playing video games and can be very hot.

Screen: The screen is like a pair of glasses. Here you can see everything that happens. Without it you can not see anything. The monitor is connected to the video card.

Network: The network is the phone of people who can be wired or wireless phone, a home phone. It is the manner in which a person communicates with others. How quickly can a person to talk to the other depends on the speed at which is the Internet.

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