Monday, December 2, 2013

Best Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Support for desktop only recovery, backup service platform solution built from the ground emergency and business continuity in mind. We are a leading company in the market. Data Protect is a local backup class and fog, disaster recovery and archiving for small and medium-sized enterprises, managed service providers and resellers. People think that we care about backing up your important data, so you do not have to worry. In the event of a disaster, the survival of our business depends on the ability to replicate their systems and data. When the bottom line depends on the time, continuous data protection and application availability are absolutely essential.

IT security desk and backup support data recovery services:
Data and sensitive applications requiring remote backup, but also for real protection, data backup, should be safe, compliant and easy to repair. We offer affordable desktop backup and disaster recovery platform computer support (BDR) is a complete backup solution for on-site or remote resources kopirovaniya.Planirovanie backup disaster recovery and business continuity are dynamic processes that help companies prepare for disruptive events. Incisions cables, power outages, computer recommendations errors, equipment failures and time are some things that can help your business to a standstill.

IT decision Desk Support "Platform"

"Many manufacturers offer specialized backup solutions that support only some of the nature. There are often compatible with Windows, but Linux or server, but not the ends, or just virtual, requiring managers to acquire, deploy and support solutions mainfold" on average, while many companies have iT support partner. "IT Support Desk is already planned one, robbery complete solution innate and new features VMware adds even more value."

Our backup and disaster recovery include:
Fully managed data backup and disaster recovery solution that can support multiple suppliers and multiple sites.

Open files and folders more - develop protection for virtual environments with support for both platforms Hyper-V and VMware.

Image Physics - Protect all physical machines to its customers a platform and take advantage of a fast and flexible image search.

Auto Quest - transparent billing and automated record-sales service in the task Auto PSA.

Low rates of market prices storage
Disaster Plan
Disaster recovery plan, Workflow Disaster
The data structure of multiple backups seats
backup information has been sent to different places physically
Preventive maintenance program
Connection management across multiple data centers
System updates and patches
The choice between the physical and virtual memory data
Recovery of virtual and administration
The capacity of the backup tape is optimized

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